In honor of going back to NYC today for NYFW, I decided I should go ahead and share my NYC Vlog from our Summer 2019 trip. You can catch up on all of my NYC pics via Instagram & get all of my city recs in my New York City Guide post. It has everything you need from where to stay, TONS of food recs, where to drink, ideas for what to do, & travel tips. I have had so much fun putting these travel vlogs together & hope you all love getting a glimpse into my trips. I will work on getting them up sooner after I get home!

I spent about ten days total in NYC between the city & Montauk. Actually, since I was just there about five weeks ago that was my last trip I was on. Going for NYFW is so different than going any other time, so as always, I’m excited to go back even though I was just there. This time I spent the first half of my trip with Brooke & Ally. Then, one of my best friends from home came to join me for a girl’s weekend which was her first trip away from her husband & her little girl since having her. I have a few friends from college & such that live in the city that make a cameo, too. Without further ado, my NYC Vlog Summer 2019 is below for your entertainment.


I have a few other videos already up on YouTube if you all are interested in watching more! My YouTube channel is very new & I’m still getting the hang of it & videos in general, but I definitely want to learn more & keep creating video content for you all. Be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss any! I plan to also share these on IGTV so they are easy for everyone to watch.

I hope you all loved getting a glimpse into the trip. It was SO much fun & a wonderful mix of work & play. I loved getting to try so many amazing new restaurants & have so much good girl time there. I’ll work on recording a NYFW vlog for you all & share it ASAP so you can see how different the experiences are & some more good behind the scenes. Let me know anything specific you want to see in my travel vlogs or any other videos. XO


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