P.Volve Review

If you all follow along on Instagram stories, then you’ve probably seen that over the past month or so I’ve aded P.Volve workouts into my routine. I’ve gotten a lot of questions from all like, ‘Is P.Volve worth it?’, ‘Does P.Volve really work?’, & ‘What makes P.Volve special?’ I had all the same questions before starting! I did a ton of research on this program & have been trying it myself for the past several weeks. I wanted to give myself some time to really dive in before I provided you all with a P.volve review & answered all of your questions like I did in my Melissa Wood Health review & my The Sculpt Society review. Today, I am finally sharing my P.Volve review with you all! FYI: This post does contain affiliate links.

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Sharing my honest P.Volve review & answering some of your FAQs including: Does P.Volve work? Is P.Volve worth it? How much is P.Volve? & more.

P.Volve Review

A quick pro & con comparison & my in a nutshell P.Volve review is below. I’m going more in depth in the FAQs section, though.

Pros: This program is meant to create long & lean lines. It doesn’t bulk you. There are workouts for every length of time you have available to you. They focus on form & quality over quantity. You can do it anywhere. It’s super affordable. There are always new videos to try. It helps with a lot of the problem areas women struggle with most.

Cons: Personally, I prefer the less produced videos that include Stephen, the creator of the method leads from earlier on the in the program. The website can feel overwhelming at first. The form can take some time to learn & master.

Sharing my honest P.Volve review & answering some of your FAQs including: Does P.Volve work? Is P.Volve worth it? How much is P.Volve? & more.

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P.Volve FAQs

I’m answering all of your P.Volve FAQs that you all have asked me or that you’ve sent in below. I’m also getting more into some of the pros & cons I mentioned above in more detail below in my full P.Volve review.

Get a free two week trial of P.Volve HERE!

What is P.Volve?

P.Volve is a high intensity, low impact fitness method that is available to stream online from anywhere. The workouts are resistance based to sculpt, strengthen, energize, & lengthen your muscles & body. P.Volve was created by Stephen Pasterino (AKA ‘P’ as he is called). Stephen has been in the fitness world for the past 15 years. He studied applied functional science at the internationally acclaimed Gray Institute. As he was training women in New York, he noticed that many of them had the same complaint: they wanted to lean out, but instead were being told to do workouts that were going against what they ultimately wanted. He created the P.Volve method to help women (& men) workout in a way that complimented their bodies & didn’t leave them feeling strained, exhausted, stressed, or burnt out.

What is the P.Volve Method Based On?

Stephen discovered that some workout methods would push some muscles beyond their capabilities while ignoring others, they put too much pressure on joints, & they were creating pain & injury. He also found so many women doing workouts that were built on the foundations of bodybuilding, which was resulting in bulky muscles, something most of his clients didn’t want. Stephen believes that you don’t need to hurt yourself to transform your body. Instead, he focuses on safe, sustainable movements that create incredible tone & definition without damaging, straining or bulking muscles. The P.Volve method is based on functional science, musculoskeletal expertise, & established physical therapy practices. The workouts are meant to compliment & enhance a women’s natural shape.

What Makes P.Volve Special?

P.Volve is based on a few principals including training functionally, engaging consciously, moving diversely, rotating actively, exercising progressively, & connecting mindfully. It’s special because of the focus on the form & using your body functionally to connect mind to muscle. The movements are so intentional & it’s not focused on being efficient & your form rather than putting in hours in the gym that may lead to poor form or strained muscles.

Do you Need the P.Volve Equipment?

You can search the P.Volve website to find workouts based on which equipment you have available to you & there are a lot of workouts that include no equipment. Many workouts also use minimal equipment like ankle weights, a band, & dumb bells. Sliders are also great to have or you can try wash clothes in their place. To me, this is the best starting point. I started doing the workouts with just this equipment that I use for all the other workouts I do. After doing P.Volve for a few weeks, I loved them & decided to invest in other equipment like their light ankle band, heavy ankle band, & the P.Volve. I then added in the P Band & am going to go ahead and order their dumb bells. I have some three pound dumbbells, but could use a pair of two pound ones & that is what they use. If you want to, you can order a starter kit or a foundations kit that comes with all you need to do a particular series of workouts & to help you really get started in the program.

How Do you Decide Which Workouts to Do?

I use the search features on the P.Volve site to go through either which equipment I want to use or which body parts I want to focus on that day. I touched on this a little above, but the search feature are great if you are traveling or don’t have a ton of equipment available to you. I decide which workout I want to do based on how I’m feeling that morning. I do have some favorites, which I’ll touch on below, so I save those & am able to easily reference them in ‘my favorites’ section on their site.

I end up doing about 45 minutes of workouts on average. I do this by either choosing a longer video, two shorter videos, or doing one shorter video twice.

Which Instructors Do you Like?

My favorite is the founder of P.Volve, Stephen Pasterino. I love hearing his explanations for the workouts & that they are more relaxed, less produced, & make you feel like you are in a one-on-one or small group training session with him. I also enjoy the workouts from Celestine. She is positive & upbeat, but still motivating, which I like.  These workouts in the original P.Volve studio just have a more relaxed vibe that makes you feel like you’re there with the instructors.

I personally am a lesser fan of the newer workouts that feel really over produced. They have more small groups of instructors & the camera angles are constantly switching & it feels less personal. They are constantly talking & it’s just not my preference. They are still amazing workouts, but the style of them is just less my preference.

How Do you Stream the Workouts?

You can stream P.Volve workouts from any where online! I prefer to do them on my computer because the screen is bigger & it is easier for me to follow along. I feel like a phone would be great as a last resort when traveling, but a computer is probably most ideal. If you can stream them on a TV, that is great, too! I just have the site book marked, but you can also use their app, too.

How Often Do You Do P.Volve?

I do P.Volve workouts in conjunction with other workouts I am into right now including Melissa Wood Health & The Sculpt Society. I choose which workout I do based on how I feel & am trying to keep myself from overdoing it on any one method. I end up doing P.Volve 2-3 times per week. I really enjoy it for the leg specific workouts, but of course you end up working your full body, which I love.

Do you Get Bored Doing It?

I have not experienced boredom doing P.Volve workouts to date. You are doing tons of different moves for about eight reps each, so you’re moving from one exercise to the next. This helps the workouts go by so quickly & keep you engaged. There are SO many different workouts available on the site, so I think it would be hard for me to get bored doing them. I don’t do these workouts every day, as I mix it in with other methods or streaming services, so with doing them just a few times a week I look forward to doing them rather than dread them or feel like it’s monotonous.

If you are someone who needs to work out with music, I’d recommend using your computer to stream the workouts with bluetooth ear buds in & then playing music on your phone. You could also have the music in your ear buds & have the workout playing on your computer. However you do it, I could definitely handle both going for the workouts with the more chill instructors like Stephan or Celestine. For some of the other workouts I think I would be on overload, but again this is just personal preference.

What Other Workouts Are Best to Do with P.Volve?

Any workouts with the same general principles of P.Volve will work great. The founder suggests walking for cardio, but other cardio that won’t bulk you like dancing or running two times a week are okay, too. P.Volve works beautifully in conjunction with Melissa Wood Health workouts. I like adding in some of The Sculpt Society workouts for a little variety & for more cardio with a little toning. I do have to modify some of the exercises in TSS because some of them do include squats or lunges because they tend to bulk up my hips & thighs. You want to be sure you aren’t working against the workouts & sort of undoing your work with them if you’re doing P.Volve one day & something like Crossfit or BBG/Sweat the next.

How Long Does it Take to See Results?

I honestly noticed results within two weeks of starting P.Volve. I feel like my body just felt less inflamed & I felt leaner. This is not to say I immediately was a size smaller in jeans or lost 5 pounds. However, my legs & hips are the place that I gain the most weight & this really helps lean those out. I’ve noticed my legs looking leaner, but more toned. This is why I started doing P.Volve,s so I am so pleased & one of the reasons I’m continuing to keep it in my workout routine. With all things, I think that slow & steady results are best because you see long-lasting change that way.

P.Volve has been helpful for the mental journey with workout out for me, too. I’ll write a whole blog post on this shift, but ultimately, I have been working on being more intentional with my workouts. I’m moving from the mindset of thinking that I need to work out for an hour or longer or it’s a bust. I’ve been focusing more on movement every day as a habit even if that is just for twenty minutes rather than feeling like I need to put in hours of work to see change. The results with this shift mentally have been incredible for me, but it’s also led to more physical results, too.

How Much Does P.Volve Cost?

P.Volve costs $19.99/month for streaming. You can do a 3 month option for $53.99, 6 months for $81.59, or a year for $143.99. You save on the monthly cost the longer you sign up for! They do offer a free trial for 14 days so you can get a feel for the workouts & decide if you want to continue them! To get a free trial & sign up, click HERE.

Is P.Volve Worth It?

I absolutely love P.Volve & definitely think it is worth it. I love the method & really believe that it works. It was started to fix a problem that women were facing when working out & is based on science, which is what I love most about it. I think for anyone wanting to lean out, tone, & really focus on functional movements it’s an amazing program.

Sharing my honest P.Volve review & answering some of your FAQs including: Does P.Volve work? Is P.Volve worth it? How much is P.Volve? & more.

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Get a free two week trial of P.Volve HERE!

If I didn’t get to your question in this P.Volve review or you have more questions, feel free to reach out! I am here to help however I can. If I don’t know the answer, I’ll find out for you & then add it in here to my P.Volve review for easy reference! I hope this post & my full P.Volve review was helpful if you are considering adding P.Volve into your fitness routine. I absolutely love it & am SO glad that I found it. To see other reviews of workouts I do check out my Melissa Wood Health Review & my The Sculpt Society Review. If you are shopping for activewear right now, check out this post for all my top picks! XO


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