PM Skincare Routine

I have been way overdue to share my skincare routines here on the blog so you all can easily reference back to it as needed. I’ve gone through them on stories (& saved them to highlights) in the past, but I always love having a post with everything written out as a reference for you all, too. Last week I shared my AM skincare routine & today I’m sharing my PM skincare routine. I also feel like supplements are a huge part of my skincare, along with other lifestyle factors, so I’ll be writing a full post on those topics soon, too.

Sharing a detailed, step-by-step guide to my PM Skincare routine including all of my products, the order I use them in, & the benefits of each!

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PM Skincare Routine

I’ve really switched up both my AM & PM Skincare routines recently after having some new skin issues pop up in the past few months. 2020 is all about fun, y’all. (Sarcasm in it’s fullest). If you’ve ever dealt with acne or melasma,  you feel me on the struggle to find a good routine. I think I’ve gotten a good one down, so I’m excited to share. Even if you don’t have either of these issues, this routine is great to hit up tons of other skin concerns or just for maintenance. Let’s get into it all more below, K?!

  1. Double Cleanse:  At night, particularly after I’ve worn makeup during the day, I like to double cleanse. I start by using Farmacy’s Green Clean Make Up Melt. You guys, this does just what it says it does. It melts your make up off. I’ve been obsessed with this since I first used it & haven’t strayed since. It’s so good. After I rub this all over to get make up off, I rinse with water & then use a black microfiber towel to get any other stubborn make up off my eyes. Once my skin is makeup free, I cleanse it using Tula’s Cult Classic cleanser (use code: ALOPROFILE for 15% off all Tula products). I’ve been using this face wash for YEARS. I love the consistency & it works so well.
  2. Tone: After my skin is good & clean, I tone it using Olehenriksen Balancing Force Oil Control Toner. I read the best reviews on this being great for breakout prone skin, so I switched to this a few months ago when I started getting acne. I absolutely love it. It’s a clean product & I feel like it works so well without stripping your skin.
  3. Peel Pads*: Two or three times per week after I tone my skin, I will use Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Extra Strength Daily Peel Pads. A tip on these is to cut them in half & put the other half back in the package & then in a small ziploc bag. This will make them last much longer, because they can be pricey. If you have never used these before, I recommend starting with the regular strength & working your way up! These AHA/BHA peel pads are pre-dosed with seven acids to reduce the look of fine lines & wrinkles, acne scars, pores, & shine. I’ve noticed such a positive outcome from using them. I alternate using these & retinol below. I don’t recommend using both in the same night. If you want, you can use the peel pads in the morning & retinol each night or wait about 30-45 mins at a minimum to apply retinol after you use these. See more on retinol below.
  4. Calm*: I started using Skinceuticals Phyto Corrective Calming Gel when I had breakouts & I noticed such a difference. It has aloe so it helps reduce redness & inflammation if you are broken out or feel breakouts coming on. If my skin is totally clear & I don’t see any blemishes that could be popping up, I’ll skip this step. If I do feel like I have some breakouts coming on, I’ll do this both in my AM Skincare routine & again at night.
  5. Correct: Next up is the product I call ‘Botox (or filler) in a bottle.’ This is my holy grail in my PM skincare routine. Skinceuticals HA Intensifer is a hyaluronic acid formula that helps improve texture & restore elasticity. I cannot say enough good things about this product! If you grab one thing, make this it.
  6. Treat: After my HA Intensifer, I work on treating that annoying melasma on my forehead. I’ve been using Lytera 2.0 to help with this hyperpigmentation. I’ve also heard that this product is great, so I just ordered it to try, too!
  7. Moisturize*: Depending on how my skin is feeling, I’ll moisturize next. Some days it doesn’t feel like it needs it, but usually I’ll put at least a little something. I love the Tula Breakout Star moisturizer. It’s light & oil free, so it doesn’t clog up my pores. It has FDA-approved 2% salicylic acid which treats & prevents acne. Plus, it has azelaic acid, which brightens marks left by past blemishes. If I am really broken out, I’ll use the Derma-E Very Clear Moisturizer. I’ve used this stuff on & off for years! It really helps & is a very clean product, which I love. If I am using the below product & my skin is pretty clear, I’ll skip the moisturize step because the next product helps my skin feel more moisturized, too.
  8. Restore: After getting a facial a few months ago, my esthetician recommended that I try Skinceuticals Triple Lipid Restore & I am so glad I did. This formula has antioxidants, vitamins, & other nutrients to fight free-radical damage & smooth skin texture. Essentially, using different products to help other conditions can strip your skin’s natural barrier to harmful environmental factors & this helps to restore it! This happened to me & this product has helped so much. To use it, you just apply a small amount between fingertips, warm & then apply to your face & neck. You can use it both morning & night, but I’ve just been using it at night. I’ve noticed a big difference.
  9. Balance*: At almost the end of my skincare routine, I will use Drunk Elephant A-Passioni Retinol. Retinol is known to balance out just about any skincare concern & be wonderful for anti-aging. Retinol can dramatically improve the look & feel of uneven skin tone & texture, as well as ward off the damage done from daily exposure to UV rays, pollution, or other free radicals. Basically, you need retinol in your life. I use it every other night depending on what other products (like peel pads) I’m using to ensure they aren’t counteracting each other in any way. If you want to use retinol each night, switch the peel pads to the morning!
  10. Hydrate: I will use a little eye cream as needed to help keep my under eye & eye lids moisturized. I’ve been using Drunk Elephant Firming Eye Serum for awhile & love that it is a clean formula that doesn’t feel too heavy.
  11. Spot Treat: If needed, I’ll spot treat any blemishes last before jumping into my makeup routine for the day or just going bare faced. I love using End Zit because it treats & acts as a concealer. I get shade medium. However, I will note if I use this too much it will dry out the area around any breakouts & leave some stubborn dry skin in it’s wake. I’ll usually use this just once or twice on a new blemish to help do some damage control. Otherwise, I’ll use Burt’s Bee’s tea tree oil. I’ve used this stuff since I was a teenager & it works so well! If you can spot a blemish early, I swear this stuff can prevent it from surfacing.
  12. Mask: I always use this Laneige lip sleeping mask just before bed. I swear by this stuff! I haven’t had super dry or cracked lips since using it.
  13. Enhance: The end of my routine is always using my eyelash growth serum & my eyebrow growth serum. Both of these products have done wonders for growth & I cannot say enough good things about them. I’m obsessed! I’ve been using both for years. Before using the brow serum I had not needed to pluck my brows in years & now I am all the time because of the new growth. My eyelashes have also never been longer or more thick & strong!

*I’m putting a little asterisk next to these steps, because they are all dependent on how my skin is looking that day. I really try to rotate what I’m using so I don’t go too overboard. I used to believe in the same routine every day, but now I believe in looking at what my skin really needs. I approach my workouts, diet, & overall lifestyle the same way & it works great for me, so why not do the same with my skin!?

Sharing a detailed, step-by-step guide to my PM Skincare routine including all of my products, the order I use them in, & the benefits of each!

I hope this was helpful for you all! While I am not a true skin expert, I do consider myself a skincare or beauty junkie, so I have tried & tested so many products. I am always overhauling & adjusting things as needed & will continue to share updated routines with you all. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out! I’m here to help however I can. XO


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