Sephora Sale Picks

The Spring Sephora sale is in full swing! The sale happens in stages based on your status with Sephora. Rouge members started saving 20% early on 04/17. They can shop until 05/01. VIB members can save 15% 04/21-04/29, & Beauty Insiders can save 10% 04/23-04/27. You get the discount using code : SPRINGSAVE at checkout. Today, I’m rounding up all of my Sephora Sale Picks for you all to shop.

Sharing my top sephora sale picks for their tiered seasonal sale broken down by category with all the best makeup, skincare, & body products.

Sephora Sale Picks

I approach every sale with a strategy or it overwhelms me. I use these Sephora sales as a time to stock up on my tride & true products that I KNOW I will be reordering the second I run out anyways (or even before so I don’t have to go without out) & as a time to try out a few new things that I’ve been eyeing. I’m rounding up all of my Sephora sale picks broken down by category for you all to make it as easy to shop the sale as possible!


I’m starting with makeup in Sephora sale picks because I think this is my favorite category of new things to try. I love playing around with makeup because you know almost instantly, or at least within a day, if you like a product or not unlike skincare or haircare.

What I use



It Cosmetics CC Cream: I’ve been using this foundation as a more full coverage foundation. It’s not too heavy for a full coverage foundation in my opinion. I love that it has SPF 50 built in! I wear shade medium tan.

Dior Airflash Foundation: I’ve come back to this foundation time & time again. I always have it on hand. It’s the foundation I wore for my wedding & is super buildable, but doesn’t look cakey. You apply this by shaking it up & then spraying it onto a beauty blender or a foundation brush & then putting it on y our skin. I wear color 300 Neutral.


Becca Under Eye: This is an under eye cream for color correcting. It’s amazing! It actually color corrects dark under eye circlers instead of just covering them up. A little goes a long way! I wear the light to medium shade.

Bye Bye Undereye: This It Cosmetics concealer is the one I’ve been reaching for when I do wear concealer, which isn’t too often. I have shade 21.5 Medium Nude.

Magic Away: I use this concealer if I have a stubborn blemish or something I need to cover up. I wear shade 5!


Laura Mercier Setting Powder: This translucent setting powder is my favorite go to. It works great all over your face + works for your under your eyes, too.

Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Flawless Powder: This is another setting powder that I love. It’s pricey, but it works so well. I wear shade medium. This is really great for the under eye area!

Setting Spray:

UD Setting Spray: This is my absolute favorite! I use the de-slick one to help with any oil. It helps all of your makeup stay on all day & helps set it in place.




UD Beached Bronzer: I’ve used this bronzer for over a year & I love it. I use the color sunkissed & think it gives such a natural bronze!

Hourglass Bronzer: This was my go to bronzer for so long & I still love it. It gives a beautiful summer glow! I wear shade Luminous bronze light.


Kilawatt Freestyle Highlight Duo: This Fenty beauty duo is SO good. I love that you are getting two highlights in one. It’s great for when your skin tone is a little less/more tan or for different parts of your face. I get the Mean Money/Hu$tla Baby shades.


Nars Blush: I’ve used this blush in several shades for years. Orgasm is my go to shade, but I also love Deep Throat for summer. Sex appeal looks like such a beautiful shade, too.

Cheek to Cheek: I love this Charlotte Tilbury blush. It’s so natural & compliments so many skin tones. I use the shade pillow talk.



UD Eyeshade Primer Potion: This is the only eyeshadow primer I’ve used for years. It works so great to keep your shadow on & to prevent you getting mascara on the top of your eyelid. I get the anti aging one.

Naked Reloaded: I LOVE this palette by Urban Decay. I can use all of the colors in it & I can do all of my eye makeup with just this palette. It’s so good.

Tartelette in Bloom: I’ve shared this palette a few times including in this everyday eyeshadow tutorial. It’s such a great everyday palette! You’ll use all of the colors in it, it’s buildable from day to night, & you can do your full eye make up with just this one palette.

Too Faced Natural Eyes: This is the palette I used on my wedding day. It’s such a great go to palette & you can build it to create a really beautiful natural look. I use all of the colors in it & still love it three years later!

Tattoo Eyeliner: I haven’t been wearing actual eyeliner lately (I’ve been doing shadows instead for a more subtle, natural look), but when I do wear it, this is my go to. It stays on so well & is so easy to apply!

Base Mascara Primer: I use this Givenchy mascara primer & it works so well. I like to do two coats. It makes your lashes longer & thicker + your mascara just goes on so much better.

Legendary Lashes Volume Mascara: I’ve been using this Charlotte Tilbury mascara & really like it! It stays on well & the applicator is great

Monsieur Big Mascara: I used this mascara for months & months. I still love it! It’s great for big, voluminous lashes.



Sea Color Splash: I love this Tarte lipstick so much. It’s by far my most used one right now! It’s hydrating & stays on really well. I have the shades: set sail, salt lyfe, & colada.

Pillow Talk: I use all of this from Charlotte Tilbury. I use the lip liner, lipstick, & lip gloss. It’s one of my absolute favorite & is a best seller.

Vice Lipstick: This UD lipstick is one I’ve gone back to for so long. The color backtalk is my favorite. It’s a beautiful mauvey-nude.

What I want to try

Seamless Finish Foundation Stick: I ordered this try & am so excited because I’ve heard such awesome things! I got the shade beige & fingers crossed it’s the right one.

Cali Contour Kit: I’ve really wanted to try a contour kit & this Smashbox one is supposed to be amazing. Comes with everything you need for a perfectly bronzed & highlighted look.

Tarte Blush: I’ve heard such great things about this blush. It is supposed to last for 12 hours! I’m eyeing the color risque.

Nude Drama Palette: I’ve been eyeing this palette since I saw it. I love Bobbi Brown & think this palette looks so so beautiful.

Better Than Sex Mascara: I’ve heard the best things about this mascara & it was a winner of the Allure 2019 award, so I ordered it to try.


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Finally sharing my spring morning skincare routine including all the products I'm currently using & the order in which I apply them for maximum results.


You all may know that I am a total skincare junkie, so of course it’s a long section in my Sephora sale picks post. SO many of my ride or die products are a part of the sale!

What I use


Green Clean: I use this to take off all of my makeup at night. It gets all of your makeup off so well! I wash my face using face wash afterwards.


Unseen Sunscreen: I’ve used this Supergoop sunscreen + primer for so long. I love it! It’s light, doesn’t smell, doesn’t give a white cast, & acts as a makeup primer.

Retinol: This is my go to retinol because it is a clean brand. It works so well & you know its a good, pure retinol product because of the yellow color of it!


Protini Moisturizer: I use this each day as a part of my morning skincare routine. It’s light, but helps your skin feel so hydrated.

C-Tango Eye Cream: I use this eye cream every morning. It helps brighten & ensures my under eye area is nice & moisturized before I apply makeup.


C-Firma Vitamin C Serum: I’ve been using this for awhile & love it. I swear I feel it working. It smells great, is a clean product, & instantly makes your skin feel more firm. I use it each morning.

Resurfacing Night Serum: I use this every night & it helps your skin turn over & gives you a wonderful glow. It’s a clean product, too!



Babyfacial: I use this without fail once a week. It does just what the name says, it makes your skin feel like a baby. It is an exfoliating mask that gets all the dead skin off & leaves your skin feeling so amazing. I swear by this mask.

Jet Lag Mask: This is my go to mask when I feel like my skin is dry & needs a moisture boost. Its amazing!

Glam Glow Treatment Mask: I use this any time I have some breakouts & my skin needs some extra TLC. It works so well to help clear up breakouts quicker.


Self- Tanning Drops: I love these self-tanning drops for keeping my face tan. They are green + clean & give a beautiful glow. I mix 2-3 drops in to my moisturizer at night & apply all over my face + lightly on my neck.

Lip Mask: I use this every night. It’s amazing! It seriously keeps your lips so hydrated & prevents them from cracking or drying out.

What I want to try

Daily Peel Pads: I’ve heard these are so great & I’ve been wanting to try them. I think I may have to go ahead & pull the trigger while they are on sale.

Acne Spots: These are supposed to help clear up blemishes or breakouts. I definitely want to try them out to see what they hype is all about!


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Sharing my top sephora sale picks for their tiered seasonal sale broken down by category with all the best makeup, skincare, & body products.

Hair + Body

Some of my favorite hair + body products are included in the sale & of course had to be a part of my Sephora sale picks post. Some of these tools I’ve had for years & love them. Now is such a great time to grab things that will last you for years to come!

What I use



Bond Repair Shampoo & Conditioner: I love this Caviar duo for helping strengthen your hair. I’ve been using this one nonstop the past few weeks & love how well it works to un-do damage from your hair.

Bond Maintenance Shampoo & Conditioner: The one above repairs, this one maintains. I love this shampoo & conditioner duo for every day use to ensure your hair stays strong & healthy.

Dry Shampoo: This one is my go to & has been for a long time, but I also love this one.

Caviar Heat Protectant: I love this heat protectant! It’s been the one I’ve been using most recently.

Volume Blast: This Living Proof dry volume blast is incredible. I keep a travel size one in my purse. It works SO well & has become one of my must have products.

Repair Serum: This Caviar hair serum is SO good for dry, damaged ends. This has helped my hair be more healthy. I am obsessed. A little goes as long way.

Bonding Oil: I love this hair oil. I use it all the time & it works so well!

Oil Treatment: I always come back to this brand for hair products. I love the oil & I love the heat protectant & their hair masque. It’s a tride & true!

Hair Protectant Masque: I used this mask for months before every time I washed my hair & it works so well. I had dryer hair & damage from heat & this helped so so much. I use it less now, but still use it every other week or so & love it.


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Blow Dryer: This is the updated version of the T3 blowdryer I have. It has an auto-sensor that pauses when you set it down, which I think is the best feature ever.

Straighter: I’ve used this straightner for as long as I can remember. It’s great & I love that you can adjust the heat on it.

Interchangeable Curling Iron: This is the curling iron I’ve used for years. You can switch out the barrels & also can get a wand attachment. I use the 1 inch & the 1.25 inch. You can control the heat on this, too.

Round Brush: I use the 3 inch version of this round brush when I blow dry my hair to get volume at the roots. It works so well! It’s also great to get more volume on day two or three hair.

Dry Vent Brush: I use this brush day to day & when I blow dry the ends of my hair. The openness of it helps you dry your hair faster.



YSL Mon Paris: This is my go to perfume. It’s such a beautiful scent & I get stopped by people asking what I’m wearing all the time. I always have an extra bottle of this on hand!

Body Oil Polish: I love this coco rose body polish to exfoliate because it leaves your skin feeling SO soft. It smells amazing & is easy to use.

St Tropez Self Tanner: I go back to this tanning mousse time & time again. It’s such a beautiful color & doesn’t smell horrible like so many do.

Coola Tanning Lotion: I have this & really like it for some instant color, but also to gradually build one. It’s a really nice color!

Supergoop! Sunscreen: This is my go to sunscreen brand. I love the spray & the lotion.

What I want to try

Living Proof Dry Shampoo: I love a ton of products by this brand, so I’m sure this dry shampoo is just as amazing as their other ones! Trying it soon.

Drunk Elephant Body Lotion: I love all things Drunk Elephant, so I definitely want to try this body lotion!



A few other Sephora sale picks include tools, my favorite pillowcase, & more.

What I use

Slip Silk Pillowcase: Charles & I both have these on our pillows & they are amazing. They feel so luxurious, help prevent hair damage, helps with aging, & ensures your products don’t just soak into your pillow + pillowcase. They come in several colors & both regular + king sizes.

Jade Roller: I love a good face roller to help me depuff in the mornings. I keep it in the fridge & it feels so good to use!

Nurse Jaime Massaging Face Roller: I love to use this face roller. I prefer using it at night to help sort of sculpt & tone up your face.

Microneedling Tool: I love this thing so much. I use it a few times each week & have been doing it for years. It helps promote collagen production & cell turn over. Plus, all of your products soak in so much better.

What I want to try

R45 Neck Treatment: I swear by the retinol system & definitely want to give this neck treatment a try! Ah, the joy of your 30’s.

Gua Sha: I’ve been wanting to get on the gua sha trend train. I think I’m going to finally pull the trigger with this one!


Whew! It’s very apparent to me why I have the rouge status on Sephora now. Ha! I hope you all loved seeing all of my Sephora sale picks. I am a total beauty junkie & love trying new makeup & skincare products on the reg. It’s so fun for me to share my favorites with you all. I’ll share updates on the new things I got in & what I think about them after using them.


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