September Amazon Purchases

Time for another monthly Amazon roundup! Today, I’m going sharing what I bought on Amazon in with you all. I broke down all items into categories to make it easy to shop & linked each item for you all. My September Amazon purchases includes lots of baby finds, home finds, & a few life essentials. As always, please feel free to let me know if you have questions about any of the products I ordered this month. I always want to be a helpful resource for you all!

September Amazon Purchases

Below is a roundup of my September Amazon purchases broken down by category. Links to shop each item are provided below the images!

Sharing a roundup of my September Amazon purchases featuring what I bought of Amazon in September in all different categories for you all to shop.


  1. Beanies
  2. Stroller Toy
  3. Baby Floor Seat
  4. Portable Noise Machine
  5. Swaddle
  6. Knit Joggers
  7. Activity Book
  8. The Story of Rap Book
  9. Moo Baa La La Book
  10. Be Brave Little One Book
  11. If Animals Kissed Goodnight Book
  12. My First Halloween Book
  13. Diaper Rash Ointment
  14. Diaper Rash Applicator
  15. Swaddle Blanket
  16. Baby Dish Soap


  1. Chai Tea Concentrate
  2. Lip Plumper
  3. Pads
  4. Califia Farms Oat Milk
  5. Bark Collar
  6. Reusable Nursing Pads
  7. Made Good Granola Bites


  1. Golden Citrus Essential Oil
  2. French Lavender Essential Oil
  3. Home Office Lap Desk
  4. Double Sided Tape Stickers
  5. Halloween Bats
  6. Full Length Mirror
  7. Salt Lamp
  8. Strainer Stopper
  9. Boho Throw Pillow

That’s a wrap! I hope you all enjoyed seeing all of my August Amazon purchases. Check out last month’s post for more fashion finds, baby must haves, & lifestyle essentials. Let me know if you’d like to see or know more in the month’s to come! I’ll be working on more Amazon try ons to help you all score some killer fashion finds for the fall, soon. Until next month! XO


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