Spring Loungewear AKA At Home Workwear

I’m sure we are all living loungewear right about now. I always love a cute loungewear look, but for these hard times, it’s become essential. I’ve gotten quite a few messages on Instagram asking for spring loungewear looks so today, I’m rounding up the cutest styles I’ve found at a bunch of different retailers. Welcome to your guide to spring loungewear AKA at home workwear.

Sharing a roundup of spring loungewear AKA at home workwear while we are all spending more time at home during social distancing.

Spring Loungewear AKA At Home Workwear

By now most of you are probably working from home in the midst of the COVID-19 quarantine, unless you have an essential job like being a nurse or other health care professional, food supply worker, or law enforcement officer. If you are in the latter group, let me just take a moment & say THANK YOU. You are doing such amazing work each day & I am so grateful for your service. Many of you have found yourself working at home now & your new normal is settling in. I personally work for a school full time in addition to blogging, & while we are currently on spring break, we’ll be closed indefinitely so I’ll be right along side the rest of you figuring out how to manage everything from home. Because so many schools are closed, many of you are helping educate your children in addition to your jobs & other responsibilities.

All in all, things are crazy. Let me just say, thank goodness for loungewear. I’ve been wearing it nonstop, but still am trying to feel somewhat put together at home during this time or I will totally lose my mind. I’ve been trying to either get fully ready at some point during the day, or at least do my make up or hair, if not both. My personal favorite loungewear are matching sets, because I instantly feel put more together. I also love pieces that you can style for casual outfits outside of the house & I’ll be looking forward to the days that my spring loungewear pieces get more action than just going from my office to the couch or for a walk around the neighborhood.

I’m breaking down all of the cutest spring loungewear for you all to shop below! There are pieces in every price range, so hopefully you can find some new at home workwear to get you few the next few weeks.


Camis & Tees

Long Sleeve Tops

Sweaters & Sweatshirts




Rompers & Jumpsuits



Sharing a roundup of spring loungewear AKA at home workwear while we are all spending more time at home during social distancing.

I hope my spring loungewear roundup helps you all with your new WAH (work at home) uniforms! For more cute loungewear, be sure to check out Shopbop. I’m obsessed with this set & these pants. If you need help finding anything else specific, please reach out & let me know! In the mean time, if you need some ideas on what to watch on TV while at home, check out my all time favorite TV shows post. I also shared a review of one of my favorite at home workouts in a Melissa Wood Health review post. I have some other great quarantine content coming your way soon, so stay tuned. Also, send any requests my way! XO


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    Cute outfits! Love the overalls you’re wearing in the last photo! ❤️✨

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

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