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Lauren Roscopf from A Lo Profile sharing her summer beauty essentials with eBay.




It’s officially summer! I always remember the exact start of summer, because it just so happens to be my birthday, too. The start of a new season always has me reevaluating my style, routines, and trends for the upcoming season. I not only do this with fashion, but with my beauty routine, too. Today, I am talking about summer beauty essentials and trends and sharing some of my favorite summer beauty products with you all.

I think beauty is one of the easiest things with which people fall into a rut. Whether it’s wearing the same lipstick for months in a row, using the same foundation year round, or not venturing out to try new beauty trends, people tend to get comfortable and stick with what they know. I used to be this way, too. I started venturing out with beauty a lot more last year in preparation for our destination wedding because I knew I would be doing my own makeup. Since then, I have loved to experiment with new products and trends. 

Lauren Roscopf from A Lo Profile sharing her summer beauty essentials with eBay.


Did you all know that eBay is an amazing place to shop for all of your summer beauty essentials? They have every brand you can think of and most of the products are brand new! They have makeup, haircare, skincare, and more starting at $9.99. You don’t always have to bid on items on eBay either. In fact, the majority of their items have the ‘Buy it Now’ feature where you can purchase right away. Shipping is fast, and more often than not you can find items cheaper than in stores. I also find tons of sold out or discontinued beauty items on eBay!

If you missed my last collaboration with eBay, then you need to play catch up here. I not only share a funny story related to my username on the site that puts into perspective just how long I’ve been shopping there, but I also share some really cute summer fashion finds!

Lauren Roscopf from A Lo Profile sharing her summer beauty essentials with eBay.


A beauty trend you see year after year in the summer is effortless beach waves. This is a look I love year round, but particularly in the summer! I like to add texture to my waves with surf spray. This one has been one of my favorites for a few years, but in the spirit of venturing out I recently tried this one and have been loving it.

One of the biggest beauty trends the past few years has been highlighting and contouring. This is one that I am still loving! I don’t mean the crazy overdone version, but more of an effortless contrast to give yourself a beautiful summer glow. I love how highlighting your cheek bones, along the bridge of your nose, and just above your lip and then contouring under your cheek bones, around your forehead, and along your jawline really brings out your facial features and provides some depth to your makeup look. I have the highlighting and contouring routine down so well now that it takes me two minutes and I’m finished! Super easy.

Two things I love to switch up in my summer beauty routine is my blushes and lipsticks. I like to find new colors to try to brighten up my look and add some more fun, summery colors. My highlighter actually comes in a palette with a few blush colors that I am loving. The coral or peach one is my favorite. This palette is great because not only does it have three blushes and a highlighter, on the other side there are actually a number of great eye shadows. This lipstick I am wearing is a fun, berry color that is great for summer date night!

Lauren Roscopf from A Lo Profile sharing her summer beauty essentials with eBay.


I found so many great summer beauty essentials and products on eBay that I wanted to round up my favorites by category for you all to shop below. Simply click on any of the photos and you’ll be taken to that product’s page to shop. If that item is sold out, you’ll be taken to a similar item’s page so you can find what you want.




I am sooo dying for the Dyson hair dryer above. My sister in law uses it on me when I go to the salon she works at and it is everything. I haven’t made the plunge yet, but with so many good deals on eBay–  I think its time. #treatyoself, right?! I hope you all are inspired to try something new in your beauty routine in the coming months! Trying a new beauty product or trend for summer can help you easily update your look and eBay has almost every brand or product you could want.

Lauren Roscopf from A Lo Profile sharing her summer beauty essentials with eBay.



UD Highlighter + Blush Palette // UD Bronzer // Mascara // Lipstick 1 // Lipstick 2 // Lipgloss // Eyeliner // Water Line Liner // CT Compact Palette // LM Setting Powder // Beauty Blender // UD Beached Palette


Photos by Vanessa Christina Photography

This post was brought to you in collaboration with eBay. Sponsored posts like these help make A Lo Profile possible. As always, all opinions are my own.


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    Ahhhh! What gorgeous pictures! I was always hesitant to purchase the Urban Decay face palette but I’ve heard so many good reviews about it, that I knew I had to buy it eventually. Since you have included this palette into your essentials, now I know I need to buy it ASAP!

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