Registering: In Store vs Online

I’m a self-proclaimed online shopping junkie. My fiancé is also a pretty big fan and he will buy just about anything off Amazon to save a trip to the store or mall. If we’re going to actually go to a store


Never miss a Monday

Never miss a Monday. This is my workout rule. Unless I’m feeling really sick and even then, I want to at least get in a walk. This rule helps set my tone and intention for the week and helps me power through what often feels like the most tiresome


Do anywhere leg workout

One of the biggest excuses I find for skipping a workout is travel. I may be staying somewhere that doesn’t have a gym or my schedule is pretty packed. Having a work out that I can do quickly and efficiently with little to no equipment is


Bandier stole my heart

If you haven’t yet heard of Bandier, you are about to fall hard and fast. I first heard of this company through none other than a blogger. Not


My Wishlist