Whole 30 Approved Potato Soup

It was twenty-degrees this weekend in Dallas which means I instantly was craving soup. Not just any soup, a good, comfort-food soup. Enter this Whole 30 approved potato soup. Yup, you can have potatoes on the Whole 30.


Mexican Chicken Soup

Tortilla soup was a weekly staple for me in high school. I worked at a restaurant that had the most delicious tortilla soup and I would take it home in huge containers because I loved it so much. While there are a lot of creamy white versions, I prefer


Mom’s Chicken Soup

My mom’s chicken soup is near and dear to my heart. It has warmed me up on cold days, cured my colds on sick days, and always leaves me with a sweet little feeling of nostalgia. Food is powerful like that, people. Especially home cooked food


Tomato Basil Soup

Tomato and basil are truly a perfect pairing. Turn it into soup and add grilled cheese and it only gets better. Something about this combination is so comforting to me. One bite and I am brought back to being a little kid at the dinner table with family


Chili Recipe

It’s time to get heated. As the temperatures drop, I think a great way to warm up is with a big bowl of chili. Sharing my recipe is sort of giving you the gold. I’m sure you’ve heard the saying “Who wants to buy the cow if the


Organic Chicken Coconut Curry

I had an organic chicken coconut curry at a restaurant in Rio that was to die for. I loved the restaurant so much that I went back the next time I visited Rio. Everything was so healthy, fresh, unique, and delicious. Before I finished my dish (and


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