The Best Queso in Dallas

You all may recall seeing the video we made earlier this year about the best mac & cheese in Dallas. If you missed it, be sure to watch! We did a blind taste test with one of our couple friends & rated which mac & cheese we thought was the best. The video was a hit, so we decided we need to make another one! This one is all about queso. For any native Texan, queso is a very passionate topic. We love our Tex Mex food & queso is such a big part of that. Today, we are sitting down all together to find out which queso is the best queso in Dallas. We are trying six popular quesos live & rating them in a video below!

The Best Queso in Dallas

Below is our You Tube video of Queso Fest 2020 AKA our search for the best queso in Dallas. I’m sharing more about each place after the video. I’m also sharing a few other great spots we didn’t get to include in this video!

Quesos Featured in this Video:

We all pretty much agreed that Torchy’s Tacos & Meso Maya were our top picks. From there, we differed a little bit! I have them rounded up in the order that I ranked them below.

  • Torchy’s Tacos: I love the queso oh so much here! The green chilis & avocado in it are delicious. I also love their tacos! I get the Mister Orange or The Baja Shrimp. Charles loves the Trailer Park! This is a super casual restaurant that we usually pick up from or have it delivered.
  • Meso Maya: This is probably our go to Mexican restaurant as of the last few years. We have one close to home & the food is consistent, fresh, & so good. They have so many unique menu items like a Salmon de Coco! I usually get that, shrimp tacos or veggie enchiladas. The queso is a white queso & it’s definitely more on the creamy side. We almost always add salsa to it, which helps spice it up at a bit which we like.
  • Mesero: This is a cult favorite Mexican restaurant in Dallas. They have a white style queso with spinach & artichokes in it that are so good! I think I forgot how much I like it. The atmosphere is always lively at any of their locations & they have some seriously good staple menu items. The taco salad is a fan fav!
  • Hopdoddy: This is a burger restaurant that we wanted to include because they serve green chili queso with fries. It’s such a fun concept & its so delicious.
  • Mi Cocina: As I mentioned in the video, this is one of the places I’ve been eating for decades! It’s so nostalgic to me. We all agree that we love their drinks, food, & atmosphere. If you’re looking for a great environment, you can’t beat the MiCo (as us Dallasites call it) in HP Village. Try Monkey Bar at the top for a small bites menu & great drinks! Any location is great though & it truly is a Dallas staple. We tried both the white & yellow queso because they have both here.

Other Quesos to Try: 

  • Velvet Taco: We had this not long after recording our taste test & agreed it should have been included. It’s so delicious! We like the plain option as a go-to choice, but the curry one is really good & different, too.
  • E-Bar: This is such a staple spot, too. I love the patio & of course, they have good queso.
  • Pepes & Mito’s: This spot in Deep Ellum is soo good. It has a hole-in-the-wall, relaxed vibe that we love. It was featured on Diners, Drive Ins, & Dives a few years ago & is always packed! Definitely try it for yummy queso & greasy (in a good way) Tex Mex.
  • HG Sply: I love this restaurant for more healthy, but still good food. They have a vegan queso that is so darn delicious! It’s one that I eat most often. You’d never know it was vegan if I didn’t tell you.
  • Mia’s: This is a fav of so many, but I honestly always forget about it.
  • Matt’s Ranch Martinez: The original is in Austin & they are famous for  their dip that includes queso, guac, ground beef, & sour cream.

Do you have a favorite queso in Dallas?! I’d love to know if we included or maybe missed your favorite. We obviously are big foodies so we love to try new places & always are trying to figure out our favs. We will be working on another video for you all soon! Likely either cheese fries, fries, or pizza. But, LMK if you have any requests! We have so much fun doing this. Don’t forget to check out our the best mac & cheese in Dallas video, too. XO


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