The Sculpt Society Review

If you all have been following me for awhile then you’ve probably seen my posts on Instagram stories about Megan Roup & The Sculpt Society (TSS) app. I first discovered Megan through Something Navy & have taken her classes a few times while in NYC. I absolutely loved them & was SO excited when she came out with an online program that I could stream from home. I’ve been doing her workouts for four or five months now & have gotten a ton of questions from you all about it. Today, I am answering your questions & sharing more about the workouts including pros & cons + equipment needed to do them in my The Sculpt Society Review.

Sharing my Megan Roup The Sculpt Society review including is it worth it, what changes I've seen, & what equipment you need to do the workouts at home.

The Sculpt Society Review

Below I’m providing my The Sculpt Society Review for you all including pros & cons of the program & answering some FAQs I’ve gotten while I’ve been doing & sharing the program the past few months.

Pros: I love the way the videos are set up because they go by so quickly. The workouts are so fun & are all so different that you don’t get bored. Megan’s energy is 100% contagious & I love it! Megan is so engaged on social media & is always helpful to answer questions or just to respond & encourage you. You can really feel how much she cares about making a positive impact in others’ lives. If you are in NYC or ever visit, Megan teaches classes at a few studios which is so fun to get to do when in town!

Cons: My only con is that some of the exercises use my hip flexors more than I personally would like, just because I bulk so easily there. If you don’t have a problem with your legs easily bulking, then you’ll be fine. However, I have to be careful not to do squats, lunges, or ab work that may use these muscles. Megan will remind you to ‘stay out of your hip flexor’ when doing some ab work, but I struggle with knowing exactly how to do that, so I’ll just modify the exercise. It’s so easy for me to replace with other moves in the moment that it’s no big deal & I find myself doing this with almost every workout I do! It’s more like a ‘it’s not you, it’s me’ con because it’s such a personal thing.

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Sharing my Megan Roup The Sculpt Society review including is it worth it, what changes I've seen, & what equipment you need to do the workouts at home.


Below I am answering some of the FAQs you all sent in on my Instagram stories to help break down The Sculpt Society (TSS) program a little bit more for you all. If I missed your question or if you think of a new one, please let me know so that I can answer it here for everyone to see!

What is the program like?

Megan’s workouts include a lot of full body workouts that are so fun. She has a background in dance, so you definitely see that incorporated into the moves. Most of her full body videos start out with follow-along dance cardio to get your heart rate up, an arm segment, dancing with weights, some planks, sculpting the right side, abs, sculpting the left side, & a cool down follow along dance cardio. They go by really quick because of the way they are set up.

The program includes a lot of booty work! Some of the workouts I leave out or modify, because I bulk in my legs (my thighs in particular) SO easily. When she is doing squats or lunges without sliders, I modify those moves. I also modify a lot of the abs because I end up feeling the workouts in my hip flexors more & am not sure how to correct that on my own without having the option to ask questions in the moment. I may modify two or three little moves per workout, but otherwise I am doing the whole thing right along with her.

Megan’s energy is contagious. I’ve taken her classes when visiting NYC & that energy some how comes through on screen just the same. She is SO encouraging & really talks you through the importance of putting in hard work to see changes. Doing Megan’s workouts feel like working out with a friend in the morning & she is right there in the thick of it with you, which is so motivating. She is so positive, which helps keep you going & wanting to come back to do her workouts again & again.

How do you stream the videos?

You just go to Megan’s The Sculpt Society website & login (my login info is saved so it’s a quick click of a button) & then all the videos are there for you to stream or you can use TSS app. It’s so easy to stream on a smart TV or anywhere because of both the site & app.

How long are the videos?

Megan has videos ranging from 5 minutes to 50+ minutes on her site. She has some 30-minute videos that are just dance cardio or others that are just sculpting. Her full body videos are 45-50 minutes & incorporate both dance cardio & sculpting. These are my personal favorite! There have been so many days I think I’ll just do one of her shorter 15 minute videos that target a specific body part like arms or abs, but then I feel so good that I keep going & end up doing more.

How do you chose which video(s) to do?

I really just decide based on how I’m feeling that day! She has some that are full body, but other shorter videos that are more specific to certain muscle groups or body parts. There is a weekly schedule up on her site, so you can follow that if you feel like you need a good place to start.

How much does it cost?

A monthly subscription to TSS is $19.99/month (or 66 cents/day) or $119.99/year (or 33 cents/day). Megan offers a free 14-day trial, so you can try out a lot of the videos & see if it is a good fit for you before you commit to a monthly or year-long subscription. In full disclosure, Megan allowed me to try the app for three months when it first came out & now I pay for a monthly subscription on my own because I loved it so much!

What equipment do you need?

You can do Megan’s workouts with minimal equipment. Most often you will use a mat, hand weights, sliders, bands, & ankle weights. I like the half moon pair over of hand weights over the regular dumb bells for her arm series, as it is a lot of jumping & punching. I found that it was easier with the half moon ones that you can easily hold in your hands! I’ve linked the needed equipment at the bottom of this post for reference or shop all of my at home gym equipment. Everything is easily modifiable without equipment though. I’ve done these while traveling with no equipment & it’s still a great workout.

What changes have you noticed?

I have noticed so many positive changes! A huge one is in my arms. Megan’s arm workouts are my absolute favorite & she incorporates a lot of plank exercises. I have a love/hate relationship with planks because they are super challenging, but so effective. I love that her arm workouts help sculpt your arms without bulking them. I really look forward to getting up & doing her workouts, which was a nice change after feeling like I was in a rut for awhile. I’ve noticed an overall stronger core & a more lifted booty, too.

Can you do TSS while pregnant?

Megan has a few pre & post-natal videos up on her site & has worked with clients who are in these phases of life, so it is definitely pregnant friendly. However, you should, of course consult with your doctor about what is best for you!

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Sharing my Megan Roup The Sculpt Society review including is it worth it, what changes I've seen, & what equipment you need to do the workouts at home.

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I hope this The Sculpt Society review helped answer all of your questions about Megan Roup & TSS workout program. I’ve absolutely loved doing it the past four or five months & definitely plan to continue to have it in my at home workout routine. If you want to read about other workouts I do, you can read my Melissa Wood Health review & P.Volve review, too. XO


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