The Ultimate Guide to White Sneakers

I’m a huge fan of sneakers all the time, but while spending so much time at home that (& slippers) are all that I’ve been wearing. White sneakers are my go to, as they are classic & give any look a cute, casual touch. I figured a lot of you are in the same boat with what you are wearing now, so today I am sharing the ultimate guide to white sneakers. I’m breaking down the best style of sneakers in every price range for you all to shop. I’m also sharing why I don’t own any of the most notable brands of sneakers!

Sharing the ultimate guide to white sneakers including the best in every category & more options in every price range for you to shop.

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The Ultimate Guide to White Sneakers

I’m breaking down white sneakers into different categories for you all to shop below in the ultimate guide to white sneakers. There are all different price ranges of shoes to shop! I’m including my favorite & why in each category, then rounding up some other similar options in that category for you all to shop. I always think of CPW (cost per wear) when shopping for classic closet staple items like this, because you’ll end up wearing them time & time again.

Best Bang for your Buck

Even though white sneakers are one of the things that get the best CPW in my closet, I still am always down for a deal. I wanted to round up some of the best bang for your buck white sneakers for you all. My top pick is such a great find!

Best Classic Sneaker

Because we could all use a classic, plain white sneaker in our wardrobe. These pair fabulously with all of your spring & summer dresses to give them a more casual feel. These are the sneakers that are always in style!

Best Designer Sneaker

I think sneakers are such a fun splurgeworthy item. When I splurge on pieces, I want to get amazing usage out of them & I want them to last for a long time. Bags, boots, sneakers, jewelry, & jeans all fall into this category for me. I snagged my first true designer sneakers a few months ago & have already worn them SO much. They are my top pick, but I rounded up some other cute white ones for you all to shop below.

Most Comfortable Sneaker 

Sometimes, comfort is just king. This is especially true when traveling or for a shoe to walk around a lot in. I’ve been wear my top pick every night when we take the dogs for a walk. They are a simple white sneaker with metallic detail, but the platform on them makes them the most comfortable sneaker, ever. I’m rounding up some other options that look super comfy below.

Best Athletic Sneaker

I love throwing in an athletic sneaker to totally change up the vibe of your look. These will dress anything down even more while giving a little bit of an effortless edge to your look.

Best Espadrille Sneaker

Espadrille sneakers are so cute for spring & summer. They are particularly cute for any vacations, but since we won’t have any of those any time soon, they are fun for just a different, natural touch into your look. My top pick is a complete steal (like under $25 steal) & has the cutest detail on them. I rounded up some other cute options for you all to shop below.

My Thoughts on Golden Goose

You may be surprised that Golden Goose isn’t on this list. There are a few reasons why I don’t have them on my list. First up, they are a little over done. Once everyone starts wearing something or having the same thing, I kind of get ‘over it.’ There are some pairs I like, but others I’m not a huge fan of OR you can find the same look in a much more affordable price range. If I’m going to splurge that much on sneakers, I’d rather go for a full on designer pair. This is just personal preference. Since there are a few styles of them that I like (the more simple ones), I’m including those below for all of you to shop.


I hope that the ultimate guide to white sneakers was helpful for you all when shopping! There are so many cute pairs in different styles & price ranges, so hopefully you found just what you were looking for. If you’re on the hunt for sandals right now, be sure to check out my spring sandals guide, too. I also shared about a great spring shoe sale going on right now. XO


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