10 Fun Quarantine Date Night Ideas

Date nights are one of my favorite things to look forward to. I love getting dressed up, going out to dinner, getting drinks & just splurging a bit. The pandemic has definitely thrown a curve in our normal date night routine & I know so many other couples have had the same struggle. This has inspired me to make a list of quarantine date night ideas! I hope this helps you get creative & continue to date your significant other. We all need something to look forward to in this crazy time. I can’t wait to try some of these with Charles!

I rounded up 10 quarantine date night ideas that are safe and super fun. You will have such a good time that you'll forget you are in quarantine completely!

10 Of The Best Quarantine Date Night Ideas

Park Picnic: First things first, this is not only a solid date night idea, but it is budget-friendly as well. Grab a quilt, your favorite wines, cheese, fruits & other finger foods & head to a park near your house. Now that the weather is finally cooling down in Dallas, we will definitely be doing this soon. I rounded up some amazing picnic supplies below to take your date to the next level.

Drive-in Movie: This is such a fun date night that most people don’t do too often. Load up the car with your favorite snacks & then head to your closest drive-in movie theater. If you live in DFW, the closet one is here & I have heard great things about it! Not sure if there is one near your city? Just Google it!

Recreate Your Favorite Restaurant At Home: If you’re like me, I don’t really want to cook on date nights. Charles & I are a bit of foodies & love so many of our local Dallas restaurants. If you have a favorite date night spot, dress up, order dinner to go, and recreate the exact vibe of your favorite restaurant at home! You’ll be surprised just how romantic it is.

Pizza + Netflix Binge: Sometimes quarantine just makes us want to stay at home & chill. If quarantine has taught me anything, it is to slow down & enjoy what matters most in life. If you aren’t in the mood to dress up, no worries! Order a pizza from your favorite place & binge a full Netflix series with your person. Right now, Charles and I are watching Yellowstone. Looking to start something new? Here is a list of my all-time favorite TV shows.

Cocktail Competition: Who doesn’t love a good old friendly competition? Round of your favorite ingredients & make some signature cocktails at home. Have a competition and decide who’s is best! Appetizers are always recommended obviously. I rounded up the best cocktail utensils below if you are in need of some new ones.

Coffee Walk: Are you a morning person? I love going on walks in the morning. Charles & I have been grabbing drinks & walking around White Rock Lake on the weekends. Something about going on a walk with someone always sparks good conversations. Shut your phone off, chat about goals, what you’re learning, what you’re looking forward to & whatever else comes up. Getting outside & spending time in nature always makes me feel more normal during the quarantine. This is such an easy, budget-friendly date idea!

Couples Book Club: If you or your significant other like to read, read a book together! Discuss a chapter once a week over a glass of wine. Books help to kick-off good convo & great connections. Need some ideas on what to read? I rounded up some great ones a few months ago here!

At-Home Spa Day: Needing to relax? Snag some robes, some facial products & have an at-home spa day! Play jazz music, diffuse some essential oils, dim the lights & set up a relaxing sanctuary all in your own home. Linking some products to make your date perfect below.

Wine Tasting: Who doesn’t love a good wine tasting? Each of you go grab 2-3 of your favorite bottles of wine or ones you want to try. You can even do a blind taste testing to see who has the best wine pallet.

A Sunset Drive: If you are working from home & needing some more time outside of the house, a sunset drive is a solid date night option. Drive to a lake or somewhere with a good view, put on your favorite playlist & enjoy some time on the road. If you or your husband are into cool cars, you could even rent a nice car for the night!

I rounded up 10 quarantine date night ideas that are safe and super fun. You will have such a good time that you'll forget you are in quarantine completely!

I hope you found a new quarantine date night ideas to do with your special someone! Connecting with our loved ones is crucial during this time. If you try one of these, I would love to hear how it went for you! Also, if you are home a lot & looking to decorate your house in fall decor, I rounded up a bunch here. XO


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