December Amazon Purchases

Wow, what a year 2020 has been! I can’t believe tomorrow is New Years Eve & this crazy year has almost come to an end. I’m so glad you all have been enjoying my monthly Amazon recaps & look forward to continuing them in 2021. Today, I’m going through all of my December Amazon purchases with you all.

Sharing a roundup of all of my December Amazon purchases to wrap up the year with all my fav affordable finds from the past month.

December Amazon Purchases

This round up includes a mix of home essentials I’ve been using on repeat lately & of course, a few more coffee table books. I included all the photos I had of one to make it easy to shop!


Rug Grippers:  If you have rugs in your home, you need these magic rug grippers, trust me! They have become a household staple in our home lately & keep our rugs in place at all times, even when our crazy dogs run around the house and play chase haha. They’re under $20, machine washable, & suitable for any size rug. I also bought these smaller rug grippers to help keep the corners in place & these rug stickers for larger area rugs in our bedroom. Can’t recommend them enough!

Resident Dog: I can’t remember the last time a month went by that I didn’t purchase a coffee table book. I shared a ton of coffee table books in my July Amazon blog post & just keep on adding them to my collection! I absolutely love everything this coffee table book has to offer. It’s filled with stunning photographs of architect, home designs, & the dogs that live there. The photos of the dogs really captures their personality, which is so funny to me! To be honest, I’m not sure if I like the photographs of the homes or dogs more, haha!

Curated Interiors: This book is filled with design inspo for contemporary living, which I love. If you’re in need for home inspo, I highly recommend this book to help create the perfect living space and environment for your home. If you’re looking for more coffee table books, I’ve linked them all on my blog here.


Calm Supplement Drink: I’ve been taking this magnesium supplement powder to help with stress & can’t recommend it enough. It’s a tasty flavored powder that helps support healthy magnesium levels and gives your body the proper nutrients to reduce stress or anxiousness. It’s under $25 & has over 2k positive reviews. Can’t go wrong!

Handbag Shaper: I can’t stand when my handbags loose their shape, anyone else?! These handbag shapers are like a mini silk pillow for your purse to help keep its original shape and quality. Pretty genius if you ask me. They’re especially great for travel, or even just hanging purses in your closet to protect them against moisture & humidity, which can cause damage to any handbag. They’re under $30 and come in 3 colors. Highly recommend, especially for your “treasured bags!”

Headbands: I thought these chic headbands were so fun for the holidays. They’re super flattering, affordable (under $15 for a 3-pack) & make a great accessory for fall/winter.

Hat Stand Holder: This gold metal hat stand holder has been so handy lately! It’s the perfect accessory to my cloffice & fits any size hat, baseball cap, or even wigs. Not to mention, the display is ascetically pleasing, under $20, & Amazon’s Best Seller. Can’t go wrong!

Hot Sauce: This gourmet hot sauce is to die for, trust me. I love all things spicy & this hot sauce did not disappoint! It’s made with clean ingredients, like chili peppers, organic agave nectar, & infused with black truffle to satisfy your pallet. They also have one infused with white truffle, too. We love them both! Not to mention, it’s Amazons #1 best seller for hot sauce & under $20.

Brown Paper Roll: I love how multi-purposeful this kraft paper roll is. There are so many things you can use it for! I’ve been using it to safely wrap decor we put in storage to make room for Christmas decor, but you can also use it for wrapping gifts, safely shipping items in the mail, or even table runners for DIY cheese boards, etc. Very handy to have in the house!

Velvet Ribbon: I wrapped a lot of my gifts with this velvet ribbon & was so pleased with it. It’s simple, but chic & adds the perfect touch to any gift. It’s easy to use, great quality, & comes in 6 different colors. I got it in black in the 1 inch, but it comes in 2 other sizes, too.

Magnetic Bookmarks: These magnetic bookmarks are so fun & functional. I’ve been using them in my planner & it’s helped me stay organized. They’re the perfect size, too. They come in several colors & are under $10. Perfect desk accessory!

That’s a wrap! I hope you all enjoyed seeing all of my December Amazon purchases. Check out last month’s post for more home essentials & killer deals. Let me know if you’d like to see or know more in the month’s to come! I’ll be working on more Amazon try ons to help you all score some killer fashion finds, soon. Until next month! XO


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    So cute, I love your purchases! ❤️✨

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