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You’ve probably noticed on my Instagram that I’ve talked about eyelash extensions several times each month. Well, not just talked about them.. more like sang the praises of them. Holy time saver! Between eyelash extensions and microblading I seriously save 10-15 minutes each morning. I’ve also become a little more high maintenance. Or maybe, less depending on how you look at it. I’m going with less.

I’ve been collaborating with Amazing Lash Studio in Dallas to get my eyelash extensions and it has been a wonderful experience! They have so many locations (I’ve been going to the one in West Village for all you Dallas babes) not only in Dallas, but across the nation. I always make my next appointment as I’m leaving so I have it on my calendar. But, it’s super easy to schedule regardless. There has been a time or two when last minute I thought “okaaay it’s time” and have been able to get in that day. They have awesome plans/pricing so definitely check them out!After getting my lashes done I’ve gotten tons of questions from readers, friends, and family. So.. I’m dedicating today’s post to answering all the questions I’ve been asked along the way. If you have one I didn’t answer, feel free to reach out and I’ll add it!

Does it hurt?

Nope! I haven’t experienced any pain. Once or twice I’ve had one little stray lash get pushed out of it’s place or get stuck while falling out on it’s own and that may cause a little discomfort with my contacts, but no pain!

Does it damage your real lashes?

This I can’t personally answer because I have not stopped getting them since I started. I don’t plan to any time soon either (especially with a wedding in just a few months).. soo stay tuned on this! I’ve had a friend or two say that they felt they had some damage immediately after until another growth cycle or two, but no permanent damage that I’ve heard of. Basically from all my research, if you’re going to a good technician who knows what she/he is doing, then you shouldn’t have any damage.

are they hard to keep up with?

Not in my opinion. Eyelash extensions will last the length of the natural growth cycle of your eyelashes, usually between 4 and 8 weeks. Depending on your activity and day-to-day routine, refills should only be required every 2 to 4 weeks. You pop in every 2-3 weeks to get them filled. It takes about 45 mins for a fill. A mini-fill is about 15 mins and will just touch up a few you might have lost 10 days+ after a full fill.

Is it scary to get them done?

This took some adjusting for me. I have to sort of deep breath a bit because I get anxious having anything so close to my eyes and it definitely wasn’t something I was used to. Plus, they tape them closed so they can work on them. But, I quickly got used to it and now, it’s no biggie.

Is it safe?

I’m no doctor, but I do know I heard horror stories about glue used on people when lashes first came out that included all sorts of crazy things that caused bad reactions. I did my homework and asked a lot of questions on the glue and even did a little test to ensure I had no reaction. Lash extensions don’t touch the skin and are attached to your real lashes so the FDA doesn’t regulate anything related to eyelash extensions at this time.

is it expensive?

That depends on you, but I think it’s worth every penny. I LOVE having them.

How do you get the look you want?

For me this was trial and error. My lashes are on the fuller side and that is the look I liked to achieve with my mascara, so I showed them a picture and described it to help them. I didn’t want mine too long where you can automatically tell they are fake, either. I went with the ‘gorgeous set’ at amazing lash studio using 2.0 (the thickest) lashes. I even have a few volume lashes added on.

What are volume lashes?

Volume lashes have 2, 3, or 4 lashes for every one of your natural lashes to help you achieve a more voluminous, feathery look. I believe my current ones have 3 lashes and I just have a few spread out between the regular ones.

What are mink lashes?

Mink lash extensions are that they are more feathery looking and lighter in general, so there is less weight on your lashes. Mink lashes also cost more. *I haven’t tried mink yet, but I have been asking my technician about them and want to try them leading up to my wedding, BUT I want to find a mink-alternative that achieves the feathery look and that is animal safe + friendly.

Can you wear mascara?

If you are going to wear mascara, it is recommended that you only apply it on the tips and that you do so lightly. It’s also recommended you don’t use waterproof mascara and ensure it’s oil free. My salon sells extension-friendly mascaras. Using just a little is enough to make your eyes pop even more. I do this really rarely, only if I’m going to an event or something. If you use mascara at the base of the extension it will get clumpy and may lead to a shorter life-span of the lash.

If I missed any of your questions please let me know. XO

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Thank you to Amazing Lash for providing me such gorgeous lashes over the past several months. All opinions are of course, my own.


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  1. 1.3.17

    This post is SO helpful! My eyelashes are so short and I can’t even find a mascara to help them get longer. I was thinking about eyelash extensions for a while, but I think I need to pull the trigger now!

    xo, Alicia | AliciaTenise.com

  2. 1.3.17

    What a great post! I’ve been so curious about this and yours look stunning. I may need to take the leap. <3

  3. 1.3.17
    Dylan said:

    So interesting, I’ve never heard of this before.


  4. 1.3.17
    Maggie said:

    These lashes look amazing on you!! I’m so jealous!


  5. 1.3.17
    Kasey said:

    Your eyelashes look amazing always! I’ve been considering these lashes for a while and your post answered tons of questions!

  6. 1.3.17
    Kayleigh said:

    I love eyelash extensions, but they’re definitely pricey here in the city! Yours look amazing!

  7. 1.3.17
    Mariam said:

    Thanks for sharing your experience! As someone with eye and vision problems, any eye related procedure or “glue” is very risky. But I’ve always wondered what happened and how it was done. Thank you for sharing!

    xo Mariam | http://www.thepetitebijou.com

  8. 1.4.17
    Steph said:

    You’re lashes look amazing & you’re so gorgeous!

    xO – Steph

  9. 1.4.17
    Maggie said:

    Lashes are amazing!!

    Maggie // http://www.blushandblooms.com

  10. 1.4.17
    Sara said:

    Your new lashes look amazing ! I’ve always wanted to try extensions!

  11. 1.4.17
    maria said:

    i did a post on extensions too and i love mine so much!

  12. 1.4.17
    maria said:

    i wrote a post about this too! i love mine!

  13. 2.15.17
    Leon said:

    Great. The Ladies love our Amazing Lash Studio Here in Overland Park, KS.


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