Hall Bathroom Reveal

Sharing our hall bathroom reveal featuring before & after bathroom remodel pictures & links to everything we got for our new bathroom.

Today is an exciting & long awaited day for any home renovation fans! I am finally sharing our hall bathroom reveal & a ton of bathroom remodel pictures. You can catch up on all my home posts here & be sure to follow along with my home account @alo_abode & my home hashtag #aloabode. If you all don’t know from following along with home content, we bought our first home & moved in earlier this year. It’s a 1950’s home which means a lot of updates & renovations were needed, like starting with a clean slate & painting everything inside & out. Plus, a ton of other projects both big & small! We were excited to tackle some of these things before moving in, but this renovation (or rather, gut job) of our hall bathroom is our biggest one yet. Y’all these before & after photos are INSANE. We seriously am so freakin’ happy with how it turned out & I’ve been dying to share! This is the second space we’ve fully finished, after my Cloffice, that I am able to share with you all. Read on for all the details & our bathroom remodel pictures.


You’re probably wondering why the hall bath first? We decided on this for a few reasons. First & foremost, when the door is open you can see our hall bath from our current (formal) living room. Our ensuite bathroom is tucked away in the corner of our master bedroom, so nobody really sees it. Secondly, our hall bathroom is twice the size of the ensuite bathroom in our master bedroom, so it’s the one we’ve been using since we moved in to our house. We have four bedrooms and two bathrooms for just us right now, so we aren’t really having to share with anyone. We decided we’d go ahead and renovate the hall bathroom first because it’s the one you can see when throughout our home, it’s the one we are currently using because it’s bigger, & it’s the one guests are using when they come over.

We heard the owners before us had plans to add on to the master to make a bigger bathroom & closet (which the lot definitely allows for), which is a great option. We haven’t decided what our plan is in terms of that bathroom, so we just plan to keep on updating other parts of the house until we have a more clear vision of what makes sense both for us & anticipating that this isn’t our forever home.


As we were working to come up with our vision for our hall bathroom remodel, I put together all the inspo pictures I had found on Pinterest, in magazines, & other places online to come up with our final idea. Once we had a clear vision, we started picking out individual pieces like tile, hardware, & lighting. I put all of our final choices together to get an overall vision of what it would look like & shared it in my hall bathroom mood board.


Completing gutting our 1950s bathroom was quite the job. We worked with Rodi Custom Homes here in Dallas to do the entire renovation. Jacob & Blythe are a husband & wife team. He’s a general contractor & she does design. Whether you need to build an entire new home, redo one room, or even just redecorate a bit, Rodi does it all. I highly recommend reaching out to them if you are in Dallas & need help with a home project– big or small! They are responsive, prompt, & professional. They also happen to be the cutest couple & so sweet! We couldn’t be happier with the job they did. I am a complete detail oriented perfectionist & there wasn’t one thing I felt was ‘off’ or could have been better with the job they did.

To choose our floor & shower tile, we ordered samples of a few of our top choices so we could see them in person & finalize our selections. The floor & shower tile we ended up choosing is c/o of Bedrosians Tile. It arrived so quickly & it was a breeze to order through them. We absolutely love how it all turned out!


Juuuuust in case you forgot or haven’t seen what our bathroom looked like before hand, I have a few photos here for you. It’s obviously very green & vintage. It’s such a 1950s bathroom, which is cool for the character of the home, but it was 100% time for a major upgrade!


Without further ado, our bathroom remodel pictures. I am so excited to share it with you all! There may be a few little things I add here & there (like a window shade & some art by the light switches), but I couldn’t wait any longer to share it! I’m including all the links to the products we have in our bathroom below so you all can shop.

Sharing our hall bathroom reveal featuring before & after bathroom remodel pictures & links to everything we got for our new bathroom.

Sharing our hall bathroom reveal featuring before & after bathroom remodel pictures & links to everything we got for our new bathroom.


Shower Tile // Floor Tile

Tile was c/o Bedrosians & Towels were c/o Boll & Branch

Don’t forget to check out some of my other home content like our home mood board & my full Cloffice reveal (including a video). I hope you all loved seeing our hall bathroom reveal. Stay tuned, because I’ll be sharing our guest room reveal in the next week or so. XO


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    I love the look of the new bathroom – it looks so clean and white! Such a great redesign! ❤️✨

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

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