Supplements I Take Every Day

I recently shared my AM skincare routine & my PM skincare routine with you all. In both posts, I referenced my consistent skincare routines, along with my supplement routine, as a reason I believe that I have been able to combat some stubborn skin issues that have popped up recently. It’s probably no surprise that I am passionate about health & wellness. I believe that when we feel our best that we can show up as our best selves in all areas of our lives. Having a well balanced routine when it comes to all things health & wellness is important to support that. From working out, to skincare, to prioritizing mental health, to what I eat & which supplements I take every day, I believe all of this contributes to me being my best! I have promised I would share my full routine, so let’s get into it!

Sharing the supplements I take every day, when I take them & why. I'm also sharing a little more about each one & what it does.

Supplements I take Every Day

Addressing issues or concerns at the root of the problem & from the inside out is really important to me. Supplements help support that in my opinion! Below, I’m rounding up the supplements I take every day & sharing a little bit about what each one does.

My Ride or Die

Below are my ride or die supplements I take every day. These are the ones I take without fail! They are all preventative against so many different things related to health, mood, & wellness, which is why I prioritize them each day.

  1. CBD: I take my Equilibria CBD first every day. You can read the 411 on CBD to learn all about it, what it is, & why I take it (hint, it’s one of my positive ways to deal with anxiety). But, I hold this under my tongue for a minute & then swallow. I switched to the extra strength about a month in to quarantine & take about .50-.75 mL each morning. You can use code: ALOPROFILE for a discount on all Equilibria products.
  2. Multivitamin: I take a Ritual multivitamin every day! I love it because it has an anti-nausea capsule that really works. Nothing is worse than trying to take your vitamins to do something good for your mind & body, but then ending up feeling sick. They have a regular & prenatal version! They also have one for women age 50+ & make them for men! I have mine set up on auto ship & love it. I take two each day in the morning.
  3. Probiotic: I’ve been taking the Sakara Life probiotic for almost a year & love it. It recommends taking one-two pills twice daily on an empty stomach. However, if we’re being honest I don’t always remember to take the second dose. I love Sakara Life so much & really trust them, so I know this is alllll the good stuff my gut needs. Your skin starts in your gut, so I think a good, quality probiotic is a must to keep skin clear. You can use code: XOLAURENMR for a discount on Sakara.com.
  4. Cleanse: I swear by these HUM Daily Cleanse vitamins. These help my skin so much! Particularly when I eat things I know my skin hates, like a lot of cheese. They recommend taking two pills daily.
  5. Glow: I had a bottle of Love Wellness Good to Glow vitamins sent to me awhile back & decided to take them to see what I thought. I finished the bottle & didn’t buy more & I swear I noticed my skin appearing more dull. I ordered more & have them coming in every month now because I’ve been so happy with them. They recommend taking two pills each day.
  6. Elderberry: I love elderberry for immune support! It’s so good to help keep your immunity high, especially right now. I get the myKind Organics Elderberry gummies because they don’t have any sugar! It’s so hard to find elderberry with no cane sugar & this is the only one I have found. It also has Zinc, Vitamin C, & Echinacea. Instead of sweetening these for taste with total crap, they use fruit juice. They taste amazing. They recommend taking four each day.

That’s what I do each morning & I do it in almost the same order for no apparent reason other than, that’s just my routine. I keep all of my vitamins in a little basket & take them all out + put them back in as I take them to make sure I don’t miss anything.

Sharing the supplements I take every day, when I take them & why. I'm also sharing a little more about each one & what it does.

I also just started taking Alani Nu Balance after hearing it recommended by so many for skin. They recommend taking four pills with your first meal of the day. I often don’t have breakfast or if I do it’s a smoothie, so I take them at lunch. I forget a few days a week since it’s not with all my other morning vitamins, so I’ve been trying to be better about leaving them out where I can see them so I remember. These are supposed to help with hormone balance, skin, mood, weight, & so much more. I started having skin issues after switching up birth control, which made my hormones all out of whack, so I was excited to try it. I haven’t even finished my first bottle yet, so I’ll report back on it when I feel like I have more information for you all.

Sharing the supplements I take every day, when I take them & why. I'm also sharing a little more about each one & what it does.

Other Supplements I take as Needed

I have supplements I take as needed in addition to my ride or die regimen above. I’m breaking all of them down & explaining when I use them below.

  • Glow Gummies: I take HUM Glow Sweet Glow gummies as needed to help keep my skin moisturized & glowing. Depending on how my skin is looking that month or week I will take these. They are so yummy– they seriously taste like candy! I have been taking these most days lately after lunch. They recommend taking two daily.
  • Moody Bird: I take the HUM Moody Bird to help with hormonal balance. They recommend taking one capsule two times daily. I try to take them after lunch, but sometimes I forget. These help with alleviating symptoms of PMS. Who couldn’t use a little extra help to fight off a little bit of mood that time of the month? These again are more about being preventative, so if that is something you regularly struggle with, these may be good to have as a part of your regular routine.
  • Bye Bye Bloat: I take Love Wellness Bye Bye Bloat to help me when I may have over indulged & feel really bloated & out of whack. These help your digestive enzymes break down foods quicker that typically cause us to bloat. They recommend taking two to four capsules after a meal or at bedtime. I use these as needed!

Please remember I am not a doctor, so always consult with yours as needed. I am just sharing what I take & what works for me. Hopefully reading more about what I take & why is helpful for you all. I believe that this routine, along with my AM skincare routine & my PM skincare routine has really helped me with some stubborn skin issues. Consistency is key in all things & your supplement routine is no different!

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions & I’ll do my best to answer them. XO


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