Our First Holiday Season as A Family of Five

I am so excited that this year is our first holiday season as a family of five! I think knowing that everything is a first for Emmett makes it so much more exciting. I’ve found myself wanting to make everything extra


Emmett’s 3 Month Update

I can’t believe Emmett is already 3 months! He actually turned 3 months on October 28th, so it’s been a week or so. He has grown so much! It’s so fun to see them develop more. He is the happiest little


Emmett’s 1 Month Update

The fastest month of my life has officially come & gone. I can’t believe we have a 1 month old! We’ve definitely been in a newborn blur over here, but I thought I’d check in & share Emmett’s


Emmett’s Birth Story

I’ve always been someone who processes their feelings best by writing them out. I believe it’s such a powerful way to sort through emotions & major life events! Giving birth is single handedly the most transformational


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