Bride to Be Shopping Guide

I recently asked you all on Instagram stories what you were shopping for & I had a lot of requests for all things wedding. This makes me so excited for all of you who are engaged & in the midst of all of the wedding


Winter Wedding Guest Dresses

I’ve been asking what you all are shopping for in this sort-of-odd shopping time of year & had a vast range of responses. Everything from


Winter Activewear Guide

They say the majority of people who make new years goals or resolutions include fitness in some aspect. Whether your goals are to move more, get in better shape, or lose weight chances are that you could use some fresh


Best of 2019

I’ve been reviewing 2019 over the past week or so. I shared my best purchases of 2019 with you all which had fifty


How to Dress Down Sequins

If you think sequins are just for New Years Eve or a trip to


The Ultimate New Years Eve Guide

To stay in or go out? I feel like this is the age old weekend question (as in literally, the one you ask yourself as you get older) & especially one we ask on New Years Eve. Sometimes, it can be more of a hassle than


Fall Wedding Guest Dresses


I love a good Fall wedding & know many of you have them filling up your calendars this time of year. I posted a beautiful teal dress a few weekends ago when attending a friend from college’s wedding & had


Instagram Lately V1 No9

Another month has freakin’ flown by. It’s still hot as all get out here in Texas, but the end is in sight. A lot happened in September. I went back to


Fall Accessories


The temperatures finally dropped a little here in Dallas. By the temperature dropping I mean that at night it’s finally dropping under 80 degrees here, which in Texas is cool.


Fall 2019 Everyday Wishlist

When I was sick last weekend I spent a lot of time on the couch Netflix binging & online shopping. I perused tons of my favorite sites & found so many items that I added to my wishlist. Earlier this week I shared


Fall 2019 Splurgeworthy Wishlist

I spent all day & night last Saturday sick at home in bed or on the couch. I binge watched alllll the Netflix & did all the online shopping. I found myself browsing a ton of online stores & doing some online


My Wishlist