Spring Wedges Guide + Giveaway


I live in wedges in the spring and summer. I love wearing them to work because they are so comfortable and I can walk around in them all day without a problem. I also love how easily


Geeking out over Gingham

shop the look:

Does anything scream take me on a wine + cheese picnic more than a gorgeous Spring or Summer day and anything gingham printed? I think not. (I’m fine with wine and cheese any


Embellished Bomber + Giveaway

Shop my outfit below:


Bombers are back! I wrote about bombers here a few months ago, but in case you missed it, know that they


Little Ruffled Dress + Giveaway

It’s no secret that I love black. It’s so versatile and classic, which lets you buy a piece that you can wear season after season. My solid black pieces are some of the


Breakfast Hash

Hash is one of those foods that has endless variations. I have several favorites from restaurants that are all so different from one another. Even when I make my own, I have a few different ways I do it. This one I make is a breakfast hash with


Skinny Chicken Salad

Chicken salad has been a favorite of mine for as long as I can remember. There are so many varieties, but I always liked mine with grapes and fresh pecans, the way my Grandmother made it. My family has always had pecan trees so they were easily accessible


No Equipment Arm Workout

Arms are definitely an area I neglected for far too long. I’m not really sure why though. Ever heard of the skinny arm? I mean c’mon, you’re taking a picture and stand with your arm on hip to angle it and make it appear smaller. It


Summer uniform

If you haven’t noticed, I live in denim cut offs in the summer. It’s often too hot for me to wear jeans during the day time (or even night) in Texas, so I opt for shorts. These are my favorite ones I’ve found to date and have become


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