Postpartum Essentials

Ah, postpartum, what a glamorous time. Cute new baby aside, there isn’t anything about postpartum I enjoyed. Just keeping it real. I plan to write an entire post about some postpartum realness including all that I


Third Trimester Recap

As I look back on the third trimester, it seems like a distant memory. If I had one word to describe the third trimester, it would be uncomfortable. In addition to peeing every twenty minutes, struggling to get


My Pregnancy Workout Routine

Throughout my pregnancy & now postpartum I’ve had a lot of questions about my pregnancy workout routine. It evolved as my pregnancy did, but I felt like I did a pretty darn good job intentionally moving my body


Third Trimester Essentials

Whew! The third trimester sure is the home stretch of pregnancy. The days of nausea from the first trimester seem like


Books I Read During Pregnancy

Reading before bed with my legs up on the wall to help with inflammation is a nightly ritual for me. Charles & I are both big readers & both like to read before falling asleep. There are some weekend nights I’ll


Hospital Bag Packing List

As a first time mama to be, there is a lot of unknown. From the time you find out it seems like you have a never ending to do list! Prepare the nursery, register, get your hospital bags ready, prepare for postpartum. Plus,


Second Trimester Essentials

In case you missed it, I talked all about my recent pregnancy symptoms in my second trimester recap post yesterday. Similar to when


Second Trimester Recap

We’ve hit the final stretch over here. I am in the third trimester & we’re counting down the days until we meet our baby boy!


First Trimester Recap

In case you missed it our surprise announcement, we’re having a baby! I am due August 3rd & just hit my second trimester this week.


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