How To Maintain Relationships During Quarantine

If you have read my latest blog post on anxiety, you know I see value in maintaining our mental health, especially during the quarantine. Being stuck at home more often than what we are used to can take a toll on our mental & emotional health. Healthy habits play a huge role in combating the negative side effects of our constant at-home environment. Continuing to stay connected with others is an easy tool to help us combat anxiety & depression. Not only does it take our minds off of things, but talking with friends also allows us to feel a sense of normalcy in the middle of a not-so-normal time. With this in mind, I have a few fresh ideas on how to maintain relationships during quarantine!

How To Maintain Relationships During Quarantine

Just because you can’t see all the people you want to while at home right now, doesn’t mean that all of your relationships have to suffer! It doesn’t have to be an all or nothing situation where you either see them in person or completely lose touch. Below, I’m rounding up my recommendations for how to maintain relationships during quarantine below.

Schedule A Virtual Game Night

In times like these, technology is truly a gift. With apps like Houseparty & Zoom, not only are businesses able to stay in communication, friends & families are able to stay in the know too. Houseparty has in-app games (think hangman and heads up) available. If you prefer Zoom on your desktop, you easily find games to download or use with a quick Google search. Scheduling a game night allows us to distract our minds and have a little fun!

Read A Book Together

I personally love to read! You can check out my Spring reading list here for all of the books I am eyeing this season. Teaming up to read the same book as someone can give you something fun to connect over. You can meet weekly to discuss your thoughts and text throughout the week about what you think will happen next! You can always do this with a Netflix series too! If you are not reader, check out my favorite TV shows here!

Send A Letter or Drop Off  A Care Package

Many people are having to quarantine alone or with only being able to come into contact with a few people. As humans, we crave both communication & connection. Sending someone a letter or dropping off a care package is a great way to change up our typical texting & FaceTime routines. Something about receiving a handwritten card feels personal and like someone really took time to go the extra mile for you. This small gesture typically goes a long way with people.

Have A Virtual Lunch Date

Work staying busy? I know the feeling. Most of us typically eat lunch while talking or interacting with another person. Quarantine may have changed that so if you are busy during the day, schedule a virtual lunch date with a friend. Use the time to eat and catch up. You will be surprised how emotionally energized you feel after the call and ready for the second half of your work day!

Reach Out to the Friend You Have Been Meaning to Text Back

The pace of life nowadays honestly keeps us missing out on people and relationships. When we take the time to slow down and be at home, we often realize we have gone months without talking to someone. Quarantine is a great time to call your grandmother, the friend you never texted back, or the college roomie you haven’t talk to in a while. Chances are, they would love to hear from you.

Overall, relationships take effort but they are so important for our health. If we all make an effort to reach out to someone, let them know we care and want to hear how they are doing, the world will be a little bit better. Still craving connection? There is no better time to get a new furry friend! Check out my reasons to get a pup here.

I hope you all found my tips on how to maintain relationships during quarantine helpful! What are you doing to stay in touch with friends or family right now? XO


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    I love your ideas! A care package is such a nice touch! ❤️✨
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