October Amazon Purchases

I know I sound like a broken record over here, but I cannot believe it’s already November! Time just keeps on flying by, but we’re heading into the month of Thanksgiving so I’m not mad about it! I love the month of November for many reasons, but mainly because it’s the month we get to start decorating for holidays (& of course, all the holiday shopping!) Today, I’m going through all my October Amazon purchases with you all.

Sharing my monthly roundup of my October Amazon purchases featuring everything from books to home decor, beauty & more.

October Amazon Purchases

This round up includes some home decor staples, a few supplements I take on a daily basis, & even some fun costume accessories! Be sure to check out my Amazon Instagram highlight for some killer fashion finds.


Love Letters of Great Men: This book plays a key role in the plot of Sex and the City movie (huge fan of, by the way) when Carrie Bradshaw was reading the book Love Letters of Great Men. It’s filled with romantic love letters written by leading male historical figures, like Mark Twain, Theadore Roosevelt, Beethoven & many more. I mean, what’s more romantic than a book full of love letters?!

All-American Ads of the 90s: I’m a big fan of everything from the 90s & this book is filled with the hottest trends from the 90s, which I thought was pretty cool!

Christmas Tree: It’s never too early to start shopping for the holidays, am I right?! I This artificial Christmas tree is the perfect size to brighten up any space in your home for the holidays. It comes pre-lit (always major plus) with bright lights & has really full branch trees, which I love. It also comes with a sturdy metal stand, which is super convenient. Speaking of Christmas, I’ve linked a ton of holiday gift guides, Christmas decor, & much more on the blog here.

Velvet Hangers: I love the aesthetic of these velvet hangers. If you haven’t tried velvet hangers before, trust me they are a game changer! I can’t stand when my hangers don’t match in my cloffice or when clothes slip off the hangers. These are super sleek, durable & help keep your closet organized. Not to mention, they have over 50k positive reviews & are under $40 for 100. Talk about a bargain! They come in 5 colors. I got them in ivory/gold.

Citrus Squeezer: This squeezer works great on lemons, limes, & even small oranges! It’s easy to use, durable & prevents any seeds from slipping into your food or drink. It’s under $15 & comes in 5 colors. High recommend this kitchen staple if you don’t already have one. I also got this manual juicer to keep on our bar cart since it has a nice & modern matte finish.

Glass Tumbler: This glass tumbler is perfect for on the go, travel, & so much more. It’s made with high quality, shatter-resistant glass (how convenient?!) & will keep you hydrated everywhere you go. Not to mention, it’s the perfect size (20 oz) & can easily fit into your cupholder or bag.


Old Lady Costume Set: This old lady costume set is by far the easiest costume to throw together. I recently wore this to a themed birthday party & it was a hit! It’s under $20 & pretty much comes with everything you need to get your stylish granny groove on! Haha. I also got this walking cane as a fun accessory (not gonna lie, it was super fun to dance with!)

Black Bob Costume Hair Wig: Another fun costume wig for you! Haha. This short & straight costume hair wig gives you the perfect look for themed parties, concerts, bachelorette parties & so much more. It’s amazing quality & surprisingly looks & feels like real hair. It’s under $20 & overall just a fun costume piece!

Fake Cigarettes: These fake puff cigarettes make a great accessory for holiday parties & Halloween costumes!

Costume Blood: You never know when you’re going to need fake costume blood haha. This is great for Halloween, theatrical events, face painting, etc. It’s made with non-toxic ingredients & is safe to use on children & adults.

Plastic Syringe: There are so many things you can use these syringes for. You can use them to take medication, measuring liquids, watering small plants, etc. They’re under $8 for a 4-pack & come in 3 different sizes.

Silicone Cover Ups: These silicon cover ups are a closet essential, trust me. They’ve saved my life so many times! I mentioned them in my April & September Amazon blog post & can’t recommend them enough. They’re easy to use, comfortable on the skin, & can be re-worn multiple times. They’re a must have for backless tops, dresses, & so much more.

Whitening Mouthwash: I’ve been using this whitening mouthwash for the longest time & can’t recommend it enough. It safely whitens your teeth, helps prevent surface stains, & instantly gives you fresh breath. Anytime I get compliments on my teeth, I have this product to thank!

SD Card: I got this SD memory card for my camera & am so impressed with the high-resolution, shot speed, & extended memory. It has over 48k positive reviews & is under $50. High recommend!

Elderberry Immune Gummy: I’ve consistently bought these immune boosting vitamin gummies the last 6 months & keep coming back for more! I talked about them in my MarchMayJuneJuly, August, & September Amazon blog post & cannot recomend them enough. They’re filled with several immune boosting benefits from vitamin c, elderberry, & zinc & great for the entire fam. Did I mention they taste like candy?! Trust me, you’ll instantly be hooked like me once you try them!

Love Wellness Good to Glow: I mentioned these skincare supplements in my daily supplement blog post & have seen such a difference in my overall skin. It’s seriously like a magic pill filled with all the stuff your skin loves into one perfect pill. They’re packed with all natural ingredients & antioxidants like Vitamins C & E, collagen, & ashwagandha to help brighten your skin, reduce dullness & acne, & combat signs of aging. If you’re looking for more skincare tips, be sure to check out my AM skincare routine & PM skincare routine blog post for the full rundown on my daily skincare routine.

Clothes Hanging Bar: I recently got this clothes hanging bar for a road trip & am so glad I did! It’s super easy to install in your car  & can be easily adjusted to fit in any size vehicle. It’s heavy duty & can hold a ton of clothes, has a rubber grip sleeve to prevent clothes from shifting & even has dividers to keep your clothes organized. High recommend this for your next road trip!

That’s a wrap! I hope you all enjoyed seeing all of my October Amazon purchases. Check out last month’s post for more killer home deals & fashion finds. Let me know if you’d like to see or know more in the month’s to come! I’ll be working on more Amazon try ons to help you all score some great fashion finds, soon. Until next month! XO


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