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If you’ve been following me for awhile now, then you may have noticed there have not been as many recipes on the blog lately. I miss sharing them with you all! Reason being that you haven’t seen as many is 1)


Watermelon Feta Salad

I’ve been eating, watermelon. I guess watermelon is so last year if you ask Beyonce. She’s moved on to lemons or rather, lemonade. I digress. Let’s talk watermelon, because I love it. I’m eating it on its own as I type


Salmon Sashimi Bowl


Salmon is my jam. Especially salmon sashimi. It’s so fresh and delicious (when raised and taken care of right) and I really can’t get enough. As always, I think anything you can make at home has to be healthier


Fall salad

I really don’t understand how brussel sprouts got such a bad rep. Whoever started the idea that brussels are gross has taste buds I don’t trust. Or maybe they were served by someone who didn’t know how to cook. These days, I can’t


Chocolate Smoothie Recipe

This chocolate smoothie recipe quickly became one of my favorites. It’s sweet enough to satisfy my chocolate cravings, but is also loaded with super foods and protein so it keeps me full until my next meal. I had this smoothie for breakfast every


Orange Honey Chicken Recipe

I love Chinese food. Curling up on the couch with chopsticks in hand in front of the television while eating an effortless dinner is my idea of bliss at the end of an extra long day. Unfortunately, Chinese food doesn’t always agree with me and


Healthy on the go snacks

It’s not always easy to eat healthy when you are on the go. This is especially true when traveling. The food you find in airports and that is served on planes is not only unhealthy, but
often extremely unappealing. What I am eating when


Green Smoothie Recipe

Which recipe receives the title of ‘my favorite green smoothie’ changes often. A new discovery of how to combine ingredients usually happens when I am out of one of my go tos of the moment and am left searching the kitchen for what else


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