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How to Create a Gallery Wall

After sharing our guest bedroom reveal & sharing a lot of mirror selfies or try ons from our guest room, I noticed more &


12 Tips for How to Fix Dry Hair

If you have started following me in the last year or two, then you may not know that I used to have SUPER long hair. I’m including a photo below for you all for reference so you can get an idea of just how long my


How To Pamper Yourself At Home

Another week at home, means we could all probably use some self-care. Personally, I know that my nails are in major need of some TLC & after snacking more than I have in years my skin could use some love, too. I thought


How to Dress Down Sequins

If you think sequins are just for New Years Eve or a trip to


Everyday Eyeshadow Tutorial

A few weeks ago I shared a beautiful eyeshadow palette that was on a flash sale for half off the usual price. I snagged it then & so did a lot of you. Some of you reached out & asked if I would share how I used


How I Curl My Hair

After putting it off forEVER. I’m finally sharing how I curl my hair in a hair tutorial video for you all today. I’ve used the same method when my hair was SUPER long & now when it’s shorter. You can


Tips for Planning your Own Vacation


I get asked a lot how we plan our vacations, particularly for some of our bigger trips out of the country. People are often surprised to hear that we plan everything on our own. I hear


How to Choose Your Officiant

Choosing an officiant for our wedding was a decision that really meant sitting back and thinking about who knows us, who can speak about us as a couple, and who do we trust and respect. We actually landed on our decision


Hair Tutorial


I probably get the most comments on my hair. Whether it’s out in public or by followers of this blog or on my social media accounts, I get several almost daily. Sooo.. I’m


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