Mushroom Bolognese

Do you ever try something new and you don’t have the highest expectations, but then you’re blown away? That was this mushroom bolognese for me. I wanted to make some sort of pasta sauce, but have been trying


Coconut Curry Salmon

New week, new recipe. I’m still sharing a few of my favorite Whole 30 approved ones with you all, but today’s is one I crave all the time. It’s an easy, healthy coconut curry salmon. During the Whole 30


Mexican Cauliflower Rice Bowls

Bowls are a super easy way to get in some protein, veggies, and healthy fats. Especially when you’re doing a Whole 30. They’re super easy to meal-prep one day and keep using throughout the week, too. You can


Whole 30 Approved Potato Soup

It was twenty-degrees this weekend in Dallas which means I instantly was craving soup. Not just any soup, a good, comfort-food soup. Enter this Whole 30 approved potato soup. Yup, you can have potatoes on the Whole 30.


Mini Egg Frittatas

I’m alllll about easy breakfasts during the week. Whatever I can grab as I’m running out the door, or stop quickly and pick up, is basically what I eat. Since I am at the very beginning of a January


Leftover Turkey Club

I just can’t understand people that don’t like leftovers. Sure, I don’t love to eat the exact same thing day in and day out. But, repurposing already cooked food for something quick and delicious? Sign


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