Cherry Smoothie Bowl

Cherry season is jolly. I love these little things and just grabbing a few out of the fridge for a snack make me happy. I don’t even care that they are a little more work than your average fruit. Although, I do have a tip coming atcha for pitting Read More

Peach cobbler smoothie

I love when peaches come back in season. I instantly want to make a peach cobbler and top it off with ice cream. Since peach season comes at the same time as swimsuit season, I decided it would be in my best interest to find another way to enjoy these Read More

Acai ya later

Ah-sah-ee. Say it with me now. Acai is one of my true loves from my summer spent in Brazil. I’ve been scouring every place that claims they have Brazilian acai bowls since I’ve been home. They’re fine and all, but they just don’t Read More