Year in Review


Year 32 in Review

Yesterday, on Father’s Day & the first official day of summer, I turned 33. I’m surprised at how much I’ve loved my thirties. I always recall others saying that being in your thirties is such an incredible


Top Blog Posts of 2019

I’ve had so much fun rounding up the best of 2019. I love to look back & reflect on years to plan for the year ahead. I think it’s so great to see what you’ve done well & what you can improve on.


Best of 2019

I’ve been reviewing 2019 over the past week or so. I shared my best purchases of 2019 with you all which had fifty


My Best Purchases of 2019

I can’t believe we’re going in to a new year already! Some of the days or weeks seem long, but the months & years truly are short. I have been spending some time reflecting on 2019 the past few days while


My Wishlist